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Friday, April 3, 2009

Woven With Love

it occurs to me while setting up this still life that all of these things were hand "woven" with love; the basket, the antique lace and the tablecloth (which a very good friend made for me for my birthday a few years back).
i like the basket because it has a bunch of different little viney bits poking out randomly all over the place.
and the lace which is crocheted, was a piece i picked up at a yard sale partially finished . . . still had the pattern and the crochet hook with it. every time that i see it i wonder about it's "her"story.
i hope the collection makes you feel as warm, comforted and happy inside as it makes me~!~


  1. No gift speaks of love so clearly as a handmade one. They are to be treasured!

  2. hello rhonda~!~
    so happy to see you visiting my blog. i just visited yours and have had a delightful time. i am happy to now be on your followers list~!~



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