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Sunday, April 12, 2009

my Easter wish for all of my readers is that your day has been as full of beauty, surprises and smiles as mine has~!!~ all of these images should enlarge when you click on them and on some it really is worth doing~!!~

it is a frequent occurance where i live for there to be very bad weather on Easter. jokes are commonly made about a traditional Easter blizzard. however this day has been absolutely glorious~!!~ other than a strong intermittant breeze it's an awesomely SPRING day~!~ and low and behold i have discovered our first bumblebee of the year. if you look closely, you will see her hiding there under the Crocus . . . see that bit of bokeh down there? that is her wings.
in this next photo you can see her a little bit better . . .
she wandered about a bit and took a few naps and did quite a lot of cleaning of herself. i watched her for quite a while. mostly she just seemed to want to doze in the sun and i discovered that if i shadowed her (when attempting to get a better photo) she would get busy and crawl back into the sun. it became a way for me to sort of control her movements somewhat. i think she has just woken up from a long Winter nap and isn't quite up to speed yet . . .
isn't she beautiful~!?!~ eventually she did decide to buzz on to some other location . . . i felt honored that she allowed me to take as many portraits as she did and wished her well.


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  2. What lovely photography - I love the bee. xx

  3. thank you Stuart for your comment and the information

    thanks Diane. i was pretty smitten with her myself~!!~



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