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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

it is now exactly two minutes past noon and i have yet to eat breakfast . . .

earlier; i went to the fridge and found a great selection of recently purchased fruit and started to wash, peel, and otherwise prepare it when i realized that i also haven't taken my photo of the day yet and hey(!) i could just get that done right now . . . you know, the two birds with one stone thing . . . and gosh i'm pleased with myself . . . and so now approximately an hour later and roughly 15o shots fired from the camera i have my photo of the day. not even a great one, just a so-so shot (macro, of course) of my lovingly prepped green kiwis.

i think i should probably go and actually eat my "breakfast" now . . .


  1. It's noon here and I haven't had breakfast either. I'm too enthralled with your blog to stop for a bite!

  2. hello Diane~!~

    you cannot imagine how thrilled i am to see you here at my blog~!!~i'm honored that you came by and am happy to see that you had such an interesting time looking around. i am sorry that i've kept you from properly eating though~!~



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