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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bursting With Joy

one of the fruit trees is showing promising signs . . . not sure what kind of fruit tree this is as we don't ever have enough of a season for it to bear anything but sometimes in the Spring, if they don't get frozen, we have blossoms.

i've been out in the garden all day and am pooped~!~ but sun drunk so it's all good~!!~


  1. I sincerely hope the sun keeps shining and continues to warm you. x

  2. Sun drunk-what a lovely way to be!

  3. thank you Hens Teeth~!~ the weather is forecasted to be sunny and warming for the next few days~!!~ yippppeeeeeeee~!~


    hi Lyn~!~
    yes, it really is my favorite way to be~!!~



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