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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

dang it all anyway~!!~i bet you could hear me swearing (no matter where you might be in this world) this morning when i got up~!~and trust me i did not use the word "dang"~!!!~


  1. Gosh I can't even remember what it was like here in England in February when we had two whole days off work because of the snow. Spring is here but I won't hold my breath-we have had snow in May before now!

  2. Hi just found your blog. I to have just retired on ill health grounds due to scleroderma. Trying to find that slower pace of life and just be instead of rushing around.
    Like your photos
    Good luck with your journey.

  3. Lyn,
    i remember chuckling over how the snow had "handicapped" you all this year as we frequently deal with large amounts of snowfall and almost always "the show goes on". it's all about what we're used to and what vaious local authorities are set up to deal with i guess . . . this storm was extremely irritating (at least to me) due to it being a Spring snowfall but didn't slow our daily lives down at all. we got some some more yesterday but looks like it might be breaking up later today . . . when the sun comes back out it will melt relatively quickly (a day or two) and we'll try that Spring thing back out for a few more days, until the next, hopefully smaller storm comes along anyway~!~ i live so high in the mountains that it has actually snowed in July~!~ doesn't stick to the ground but down it sometimes comes~!!~
    i totally envy your beautiful gardens and long growing seasons~!~

    i hope that you will visit me frequently. i did try to link back to you but with no luck . . . i'll try again as it sounds like we are birds of a feather and it's so nice to communicate with others who truly can understand our limitations and that those limitations can be so unpredictable at times. i don't think it's possible for someone who does not have an auto-immune disease to fully understand the roller coaster ride that it can be~!!~ thank you very much for your encouragement with my photography and do come back again~!!~


  4. I love snow, so this picture cheers me!!! Hope it doesn't affect you for long!! Best wishes, Carolyn

  5. good morning Caroly~!~so glad that you stopped by for a visit to my newest creative endeavor (blogging). the sun has come out today and the snow will almost certainly be melted by this evening . . . yippeeee~!!~


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