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Friday, April 17, 2009

we made apricot, chocolate chip scones for breakfast this a.m. and they turned out wonderfully~!!~used a Test Kitchen recipe and made a couple of modifications.
from this . . .

to this.
still needs to be sandwiched up and bound but i've almost got another birthday card done~!~


  1. Oh I wish I had your talent. Your blog is wonderful and your quilting is beautiful, I mean really really beautiful!! One of my daughters has a continual battle with depression too, so I know a bit about it. Blogging must be a good thing for it. Anyway, I'm off to read even more of your blog and browse more of your gorgeous photographs.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend

    p.s. I meant to say I found you via Lyn's.

  2. hi Sumea~!~
    so glad that you visited and thank you very much for the kind and encouraging words about my quilting and blog~!!~ my hope is that it lifts others spirits as much as it lifts my own~!~
    i will have to visit your blog and see what lovely surprises it holds~!~
    feel free to come back and visit again at any time.


  3. Those scones look scrumptious! :)

    And of course you know I love this postcard. I think it's my favorite postcard of yours yet! :)

  4. the scones look delicious!I always tr to keep awa from this kind of yumminess but somtimes it's hard.

  5. thanks for the visit Paloma~!~ these scones were irrisistable, which is why we only make them on occasion~!~



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