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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

so today i got up and decided enough was enough with the procrastination of this card~!~ i began by adding some Wisteria (like) stitches . . .
a close-up of the finished Wisteria

. . . a few more embellishments and stitches . . .

and ta-da~!~ the finished Wisteria postcard

it is now in the mail thanks to a very good friend who gave me a last minute ride to the post office. this one is for my mother-in-law. her birthday is actually today but i figured that it would be a nice touch to have the cancellations on it for her special day . . . yep, that's why it's going to arrive late . . .


  1. Oh its beautiful, I am sure she will love it. You must have some patience to do stitches like that.

  2. thanks Lyn, now i have to start working on one for my brother-in-law . . . his birthday is coming up quick and he's a big fan of mine~!~


  3. Wonderful Wisteria. I love Wisteria.

  4. thank you Murglechen for your visit and your kind comment. i'm glad that you stopped by and hope that you will come back sometime~!~



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