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Monday, April 27, 2009

a long day today with lots accomplished. the tomatoes and basil have been planted out in the cold frame and i got a baby quilt prepped for the machine quilter and dropped off AND i've finally gotten my Desert Bonsai quilt layered and ready to be basted tomorrow. then i will start work on the quilting of it. i didn't get a few of the more minor tasks on my to-do list done today but will just have to try doing those in with tomorrows daily tasks. just not enough hours in the day or energy in the body to accomplish everything that i would like to do but i didn't do too bad today.

this is a shot of "preemie" lilac blossoms . . . another one of those flowers that we sometimes lose before they reach "maximum blossom potential".
my muscari is almost ready to open up . . . the bottom half of this bloom is farther along than the top half but i love the variation in color as it becomes more and more "ripe".


  1. Lovely photos, I've never seen preemie lilac blossoms before! You must have very green fingers!!

    Thank you for your comments on my tutorial, it was really kind of you. You asked me about the heat gun. Mine is a cheapie heat it up heat gun for crafting, I think you could pick one up on ebay or on-line. Another idea, someone told me yesterday that they managed to make the beads with a paint stripper, but I think that would be a bit lethal!!! I hope you manage to have a go one day as it's a lot of fun!

  2. yes, i'm looking forward to trying the beadmaking out and i think i will just look for a heat gun . . .i'm clumsy enough that if i don't just stick to the directions i might cause firetrucks to come or something~!~

    believe it or not i've managed to kill a number of plants both inside and outside so not sure how green any of me actually is.
    what i do like is seeing the extreme details of everything in my world and so macro is a very fun setting on my camera~and my garden is a willing participant~!~



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