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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Little Bird Told Me

this is what i now have written on a large flat stone that i keep by my front door . . . it seemed appropriate after waking up and hearing the birds welcoming in the new sunshiny day~!!~
wondering what new signs of Spring might be in my own yard after being in Idaho yesterday and seeing how far along they are in their Spring season. i feel more anxious than ever~!~ i was happy to find a few more small signs that our Spring season is going to make it eventually . . .

i noticed an unknown pollinator in the Johnny-Jump-Ups. and just so you have some sort of size reference; i can almost completely cover up that flower with a dime.

now, i realize that this little gem of a pollinator is not nearly as spectacular as the bumblebee that i managed to capture yesterday in Idaho but that is because around here there is precious little to pollinate just yet and if the bumblebees wake up too soon they simply aren't going to thrive. a few more weeks and then we will be seeing some honeybees and a bumblebee or two~!!~ until then we have a few of these tiny gals/guys happily helping us out with the pollination duties.

the Peonies are just barely pushing up through the ground.

the Daffodils are fattening up for blossom.

so there is more hope than ever that this lovely season is going to make it yet, despite our high cold winds and sputtering intermittant snow showers~!~


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