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Monday, April 13, 2009

this morning i took a walk and just happened to notice a butterfly on the side of the road. it looked like it dropped straight out of the sky mid flight and died. it was in such great shape (other than being dead, i mean) that i carried it home for a photo shoot. i think i've made it look convincingly alive in this shot . . .

these butterflies seem to be migrating through the area and sadly all of them just don't make it to wherever it is they are going. i have no idea just what kind it is and would love it if someone could identify it for me.

today's late lunch consisted of a plate of homemade oven roasted sweet pototoe fries. they turned out perfectly and i thought that they looked so nice that i had to take a shot of them.

i failed to post my scrap management photo yesterday. i am still making decent progress through the basket of scraps; it's even starting to look a little bit less full than it did and those of you who scrap quilt know how long it can take to make even that much happen. the scraps must breed like bunnies once the lid is placed back on because they can be very difficult to see any end to.

i have a total of 50 tulips made and i'm still not tired of them~!~also there is a growing pile of coin quilt strips . . . and a small mountain of three and a half inch squares for the nine patches that i'm making.


  1. Good job Libby!! I think we need to start a swap ; ) maybe nine patches or something ; ) Thanks for the visit. The coin quilt is just, because I wanted to use up some scraps and I have coveted all of those on Flickr-yours included, the one with the applique and hand quilted. Oh and the fries looked REAL good!!

  2. You had me fooled! It is beautiful, I will try and find out what it is from one of the many books I have!

  3. thanks Mary~!~ you're probably right about a swap being a good idea, would you consider a specified width x length of patchwork coins? since we both love that style of patchwork and it's relatively easy and quick to sew up . . . then these pieces could be integrated into our own stash of pieced coins to be made into quilts . . . just a thought . . .the only specification being that it be good quality 100% cottons as that is what i try to work with when building quilts. are there others who might be interested in a trade like this?
    oh, and the fries were REALLY REALLY GOOD~!!~

    Lyn, i so appreciate your sweet comments and your efforts at attempting to identify the butterfly. thank you.


  4. I would think yes, that others would be interested. I think it is a really good idea to do a strip of the coins or even two for the swap. It really isn't any different than making a block for a swap. I think that it should be two because if you have two strips and you make a quilt with 5 strips, then 3 could be with your own material to balance it out. The dimensions of mine were 2.5/5. I am not sure what you usually use, but the tutorial on Moda called for that because you can cut their charm packs in half for that dimension. The link to that is: http://www.modabakeshop.com/2009/02/stacked-coins-baby-quilt.html
    I didn't use their fabric, but their tutorial. he he
    The ones I did for my coin quilt were 100% COTTON and quite a few Amy Butler.. because they are good quality. Don't most use good quality, I assume??? The only fear with a swap is that it will be too big. I will help with it however it is done if you want me to.

  5. Mary, this is sounding good . . .
    so your suggested width on the coin strips would be 2.5 inches? and i'm not clear on the length . . . ?
    my thought is that if you make the strip widths 5 inches than there is more flexibility (options for creativity) with those strips. the five inch strips could be easily cut in half to produce two 2.5 inch wide coin strips . . . or could be used as wider coin strips in their entirety or divided up some other way . . . am i making any sense at all~!?!~
    anyway, let's keep hammering out the details and if when we have it all figured out there are others commenting that they are interested we can elarge the swap and if not we'll just get started and see what happens. i'm not sure that i get enough traffic through my blog to worry about it getting very big . . . but if that happens i will gladly take you up on your offer to help with it. thank you~!~

    i think that the quilting world is huge and it would be a mistake to assume that we all use the same materials . . . i've learned this lesson just from swaps within my local guild and they are a lot smaller in number than the www~!!~ i use good quality 100% cotton but some of my scrap fabrics are ten or more years old and if this is a problem for others i do understand but my goal is to get some kind of control over my scraps and what has accumulated over time.
    i'm very excited about swapping with you Mary and hope we get it all figured out soon~!!~


  6. You're picking up dead animals on the side of the road!? Is your new hobby going to be road kill taxidermy? You're probably in a good area for that...


  7. okay, Miss Tiffanny, My Wonderful Daughter~!~
    first of all i don't think the butterfly counts as "dead animals" and second of all, if you are going to leave comments on my blog you should not be a brat about it~!!~
    btw: you never know just what i might "pick up" and photograph~!!~
    but you can count on it looking "pretty" when i'm done with it~!~(at least i hope so . . .)

    your wonderful mother aka libbyQ


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