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Sunday, April 26, 2009


these two fabrics are very representative of the fabrics being used to frame up my "crumb cakes". i just bought the darker fabric on friday and already wish that i had purchased more than the two yards that i did . . . just being greedy though as i certainly don't need it~!~
below you will see my "crumb cakes". i've been making them for a long time but am just now getting them back out to work further on them. the center square is three inches in size and crumb pieced using my smallest of scraps. you know, the "end of the food chain" really small stuff. if my scraps aren't utilized in these blocks they are actually thrown away~!~in the garbage~!~usually . . .

they are being framed up with med/dark blue fabrics (various) and prints on light grounds/shirtings (various). i'm not positive what i'll do for a setting but i'm leaning strongly in the direction of putting them together as you see here.

this weeks scrap management accomplishment.

you know, i actually think that the basket of scraps looks a tiny bit leaner than it used to . . . still not sure that it's not wishful imaginary thinking . . . but maybe, just maybe, i'm starting to actually see some progress.


  1. What a clever idea to do with scraps. I had not heard of "cake crumbs" before....did you originate the name? Very cool!!

  2. thanks Jay. i actually got the idea from a book called "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!" by Country Threads. i've had the book for a long time so i'm doubting that it's still in print but they have a quilt in there called "Blueberry Buckle". in that version the middle square is composed of three skinny strips of equal size. i just tweaked it a little to see how it would look as a crumb pieced center and then called my version "Crumb Cakes". i am happy to be working on them again as it will be one of those projects that is going to bring my scraps to a more moderate amount . . . at least that's what is supposed to happen . . . !!



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