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Sunday, May 5, 2013

slow sunday stitching in the garden

there has been a lot of gardening done here over the last couple of days. it's too cold to plant flowers yet but some of the vegetable gardening can be done so the cold frame has been erected and tomatoes planted inside as well as sugar snap peas, onions and potatoes planted into the larger outer garden plot.
the wonderful husband is also back to work on crafting that beautiful wood fence. it's going to be a busy spring and summer season.

all of that gardening means that i deserve a bit of a rest so a day to sit and enjoy the garden is a good idea. the sun is shining, the temperature is warm without being too hot . . . a slight breeze blowing . . .
and so i declare it perfect for some outdoor slow sunday stitching. it's been a few weeks since i linked up with Kathy at Kathy's Quilting for this event but i've missed it.

it's always fun to see what the other participants are working on and thinking about on a sunday of slow stitching. i hope that they are getting a little sunshine and fresh spring air while they stitch too.

i'm working on a doll sized random sampler. i started it weeks ago using some smaller bits and pieces that were orphaned or left over from other projects. it came together really well and even rather quickly but then after i basted it up for quilting i decided that it needed a little more applique (blending the outer borders with the inner body) and although there wasn't a lot of applique it seemed that the project slowed down a bit. this  was more a result of being occupied with several april postcards than the actual applique itself.
this a.m. i managed to get a bit more done on that piece and hope to do even more this afternoon. once that's finished i'll be at the point of quilting it.

 doesn't that dappled sun look yummy~!?
i'll show more of this project as it gets closer to being done.
i forgot to post a photo of the fabric postcard that i made for my wonderful MIL (her birthday)  in april.  
 i used a fragment from a hand embroidered dish towel that i made more than 20 years ago. i actually used this towel to dry dishes with and in fact, used it to the point of literally being able to see through it. recently i decided that it would be a good idea to cut it up into other projects.
i "reinforced" some of the embroidery, added  a few stitches as well as some fussy cut fabric to a couple of the spots on the butterfly and a few sequins and ta-da~!!
i am also showing the paper collage postcard that i created in april. this card was made for another special april birthday that i like to recognize.
  i enjoy working on the paper cards just as much as the fabric ones . . . scissors, glue and odd bits of paper are just as fun to create with as fabric, lace and thread.
i'll be able to show you the wonderful daughter's april postcard soon . . .

recent gifts include:
  • morning birdsong
  • slow sunday stitching
  • seeing that the grosbeaks have returned
  • digging in the warm dirt of the garden

the creeping thyme has started to creep

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

dreaming of a fairy garden

the sketch

the tree
creeping thyme

sweet alyssum flowers

wishing everyone a happy May Day.
i hope that you find some time 
to look for the fairies that live
in your own gardens.

recent gifts include:
  • opening the dryer and inhaling the fresh scent of clean laundry
  • neatly folded laundry
  • the feel of warm sunshine on my skin while i tidy the garden
  • bare feet on damp greening grass