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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


this little guy was rescued from being the cats' breakfast . . .
a very very VERY tiny weed that i found growing among the pebbles by the side of the pond. seems almost mean to even classify it as a weed~!~


  1. Beautiful birdy, so glad you rescued him :o)

  2. So touching - your photographs are so moving.
    What kind of bird is it?
    Many thanks for your lovely comment on my blog

  3. What a sweet little bird

  4. thank you all for commenting. so glad that you are enjoying your visits~!~
    i don't really know what kind of bird this is but we have them commonly in the yard . . .


  5. It's either a male Cassin's Finch or House Finch. They look very similar, I can't remember how to differentiate between them. Nice "weed".


  6. hey Miss Tiffanny~!!~
    i knew that you would know a lot more about this little bird than i did~!!~ so happy to see you visiting my blog~!~

    libbyQ aka your wonderful mother

  7. I've been known to drop soapy dishes and SCRAM to the door to save sweet little birds. Good call, we love our bird friends!

  8. it's the worst part of having cats. they so instinctively prey on the birds and i just hate that~!!~


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