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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring has Sprung~!!~

i have a few of these this year. my mom always called them grape hyacinths. i've also seen them called muscari. the skinny striped leaf that you can see is from the neighboring crocus plants, which have finished blooming. the broad green leaves are from neighboring tulips that haven't quite bloomed yet but are just beginning to send up some tight little buds.
below is a close up shot of what i believe to be a japanese cherry tree . . . it's just starting to get some buds coming out from the center of it's brand new leaves.
and there is a little bug hiding out in there . . . hmmmmmm . . .

it's a blue sky kind of day today~! the sun is out and the breeze is chilly. i love it when the trees have this gorgeous green "veil" going on . . . not completely leafed out but not just bare sticks reaching for the sky either. so far the buds on the fruit trees remain undamaged by the frosts that we have had . . . fingers crossed, they will not get frozen before flowering out~!~


  1. What wonderful photography! Do you have a really fancy camera? I am in love with the new digital world!!! I take a lot of pics but am not happy with many of them. I have a sony cyber shot...very small which I like, but i think I may want to get one with a better zoom on it. thanks for the offer of sending me some of your crumb cakes. I will send you my address to your email address, OK?

  2. hi Jay~!~ and thank you. my camera is a canon point and shoot (PowerShot SD750). i think it's a good camera but i'm on the verge of getting a dslr . . . as i've been bitten by the photography bug pretty hard and think that a better camera would give me more creative options . . .
    i will check out my e-mail for your address and get those sent right out to you~!~so excited that you are interested. is there any specific number of them that you might like? oh wait a minute . . . i believe it was the crumb pieced tulips that i offered and not the crumb cakes . . . oh dear. i have lots of tulips and not so many crumb cakes . . . what shall we do~!?!~ i'll go back and re-read the message that i sent you and we'll find a way to work it out.
    no worries.


  3. Yes, I have lots of grape hyacinths too!! Beautiful piccies - Have a lovely day! Carolyn

  4. More stunning photos from you.
    I love grape hyacinth, they are one of my springtime favourites, yours is such a gorgeous blue.

  5. hello Carolyn and Sumea~!!~and thank you for the kindness and sending happy wishes your way~!~



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