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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Went for a wander on the side of the mountain today. looking for signs of Spring. and i found some. remember that these are macro shots so you really are looking at some small and in some cases tiny signs. but they were indeed there.
of coarse there was snow as well but it was melting and there was lots of mud; another sure sign of the warmer season to come.
this is a blossom/leaf bud on the Bitterbrush that grows prolifically in our area.
and there were even some interesting little bugs~!~if you look closely at the moss photo (click on it to enlarge) you will see some ultra tiny bugs that were on it. i was not able to see these bugs until i uploaded the shots onto my computer. for a size comparison just think about those little "hairs" on the ends of the moss . . . the bugs aren't much bigger . . . pretty amazing huh~!?!~

i have no idea what this is but i was captivated by its tough tenderness . . .


  1. It is lovley. I love the small things in life. And to se with my camera is one of them.
    Our photos are amazing and your work as well.
    Have a good day and take care.

  2. thank you ewa-christine~!~ you are very kind and i look forward to future visits from you.



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