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Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Love Affair~!!~

i simply couldn't resist the packaging. the chocolate is good but the packaging is sublime. there was the postage stamp with it's cancellation mark and the "love poem inside" stamp and the gold "wax" seal and i just could hear it whispering my name . . . even blowing in my ear . . . and softly on the back of my neck . . . and by the way there really is a love poem inside~!~ so yes, i was weak and succumbed. and i'll probably buy more.


  1. oh i so would have bought it too, who cares about the choccies, its all about the packaging!!
    and you forgot to mention the pinkness!!
    i knew you would be a natural blogger

  2. chickenfoot, you are very kind. thank you. your enthusiastic support is treasured.

  3. Congrats to you new blog and welcome to the blogland! Such a beautiful packing, I would by it too! and I like chocholate :-)

  4. Now that's a real chocolate bar! Decadent seduction should always be part of the chocolate eating experience! By the way, it's now 1:10 PM and I still haven't had breakfast due to reading your blog.

  5. thanks again for your comments and visits Diane~!~you've made my day a much brighter one~!!~



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