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Monday, March 23, 2009

i once again used the selective coloring option for my "daily photo". this time i chose pink and shot some dried ornamental oregano and dried chive flowers on the dining room table. there was some late afternoon sun coming in through the windows and i really like the results. i guess because i chose pink the wood of the table is showing reddish brown and there is a subtle "pink wash" look to the flowers. i thought it had a romantic feel to it. i also loved the details that showed up within this shot . . . i'm learning that i prefer the washed out look of pale colors within a black and white shot as it gives it a subtle painterly effect. i'm really glad that i chose to experiment with it a little~!~SOOC

i managed to get some tulip petals pieced and a ninepatch made today. i'm running longer than the 30 minutes to do it and that is because it takes so much time to sort and iron and otherwise prep the scraps for using. so today i didn't get as far as splitting the petal piece in half after piecing it which is why it looks different than the others i have posted. i have posted a photo of the missing middle piece just for informational purposes. tomorrow i will split the petal pieces in half and insert the middle hand dyed center pieces and then they will be "finished". i find that i am very motivated by the need to post photos of the blocks as they get done but one half of an hour isn't always long enough to make that happen . . . so then i stay and work on them longer . . . as pathetic as it sounds, it ends up throwing my whole day off and uses up energy that i need to conserve for other daily activities. so i need to just come to terms with the fact that there may be less to show on some days or it may just consist of sorted and ironed scraps that have yet to be sewn . . .

the nine patches are interesting when using the crumb pieced squares . . . this particular block and some of my others actually has a combination of crumb pieced squares and squares that have been cut from one single piece of fabric. not sure if anyone else is going to appreciate them though~!

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  1. I like the crumb pieces. They add color. Especially the orange bit. The center looks like the Italian flag or mexico. They are cute. How do you insert the hand dyed portion into the tulip?


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