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Monday, March 2, 2009

Primroses for Spring

i love the way this shot turned out~!~

we were in Idaho for a couple of days and Spring is a lot closer for them than it is for us so the stores are selling a few garden pots. i decided that i could bring home one pot to keep in the house until we have warm enough weather to plant it out in the yard. this a.m. it needed a bit of water so after that refreshment it looked photo delicious and i had to get a few shots . . . well actually, before i knew it, i had over 100 . . . quite a few didn't make it through the editing process but this one caught my eye as being a keeper~!~

The Reader

i have just begun to read this book. i always love a novel that reads more like poetry and this one definately does. i am enjoying it and can already see that one "read" won't be enough. i keep wanting to re-read parts of it but am anxious to go on as well so usually don't. it also strikes me as one of those books that might be lovely read aloud . . .

i know that a movie has been made but i havn't seen it (yet). i usually like to read the book before seeing the movie and then sometimes i re-read the book again. it's always interesting to see the cinematic interpretation compared to my own as i have read the book and then overlaying the two in one's mind creates yet another perspective . . . i am grateful that i have more time to read at this stage in my life than i have had for a long time.

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