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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


not that i actually need a new bowl but when this one was spotted i was pretty sure that it would be very photogenic, so of coarse i had to have it. having a new bowl meant having to buy something beautiful to put in the bowl . . . and so fresh nectarines were also purchased. i think it makes a good choice for my photo of the day and after having "played" with my new prop for quite a while, i imagine that it will make other appearances in future shots!!

". . . and although friends still came to see me . . . their visits could no longer bridge the gap between their daily lives and mine . . .”
From The Reader by Bernhard Schlink

i found that i could intimately relate to this line in the book as i have noticed that although my friends and i do visit, there seems to be less and less in common between us. at the same time that i am saddened by the results of this new “unstructured by a workday kind of life” i also realize that it gives me time to simply enjoy the company i keep with my various inner artistic muses and more freedom to execute whatever creative ideas that i may have due to this contemplative atmosphere. i have just barely begun to discover that this doesn’t necessarily leave me without a rhythm to my daily life, which is what i felt at first, but does require more effort on my part to establish both an enjoyable as well as creative pace that is all my own (which once again leaves me lonely)!

all of this makes me wonder about how most of society is “herded” through their individual lives in a very non-individual sort of way. when you take away our day to day “jobs”, whether that is raising a family, attending classes, having a professional career or just “grinding” ourselves away at some menial wage earning task, you take away a sort of collective clock and social network that we use to decide just who we are and what we should be doing and just exactly how and when we should be doing it.

i do understand that these are not new thoughts but as a person who has always believed that i “marched to my own drummer”, it’s a bit surprising to realize that i couldn’t even hear a drummer that was my very own!!! and now that i can (just faintly) hear something i am having to learn just what it means for me to move along in sync with my own simple inner song. at times i find this liberating and at other times i’m lonely and frustrated with figuring out just what to do and when and how . . . and . . . well . . . just listening . . .

By the way “The Reader” has gotten a bit disturbing. I’m concerned with how odd Hanna seems to be and wonder just what surprises lay in store for me further on in the story.
i also find it ironic that i thought this book would be a good one to read aloud.


  1. Hello Lynda, welcome in blogland. I hope you will get a lot of friends here! Nice photo, also the previous one from the primrose!

  2. i totally understand
    i have recently gone back to work parttime after homeschooling my daughter for the last 15 years. it has changed my life in more ways than i thought it would. and not bad.... it does change ones perspective


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