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Sunday, March 29, 2009

surprised by an indoor tide pool~!~ . . . i'm feeling rushed and overwhelmed and the weather is spitting snow at us AGAIN and AUGGGGHHHHHHH~!!~ but i somehow managed to get a shot that did not look that way at all . . . have no idea how that happened~!~but i hope that it is enjoyed.

this is a few small shells and a very small starfish laid out in my new glass bowl . . .you know the one that is irredescent and held nectarines last time i shot it . . . who knew it could be a tide pool~!?!~

i knew this bowl was full of possibilities but this one was not immediately obvious. i wonder what other surprises it holds?


  1. Such beautiful photographs, I love them.

  2. thank you Lyn~!~ i've just visited your lovely blog and will definately pop in again~!!~


  3. This was in a bowl?!? I really though it was a little puddle or creek or some body of water. You are so creative. How did you get the water to look like it's moving?

  4. good morning Jess~!~

    believe it or not this bowl contains not a drop of water (or liquid in any form) in it for this photo. The iridecsence of the bowl just makes it look wet. i was thrilled with the effect~!!~



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