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Sunday, March 8, 2009


i have no idea if this is something that is "done" or not, but i decided that i wanted to have the occasional "guest photographer" on my blog. this idea came to me after seeing an amazing photo on flickr by tricsr4kidz. it captured both my attention and my heart and was so well done that i couldn't stop mumbling to myself about how fabulous it was. i wanted to give both the photo and Jesse more attention than just flickr. my only wish is that i had a bazillion readers on my blog so that she and her photo could shine like the bright stars that they are~!!~ maybe someday . . .

in the meantime; i just want you to know Jesse that you are an inspiration to me and one of my gratitudes in life. i enjoy our internet friendship and i am inspired by your skills and vision/style as a fellow hobby photographer. i hope that everyone who sees this photo understands the "gem" that you are~!~

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