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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Under an Uncertain Sky

the sky today is heavy and grey one minute and sun filled the next. the breeze is coolish but not cold. rain seems to be the day's unspoken promise.
we shall see . . .

i couldn't resist going out for a short wander in the garden (in my bare feet~!~). i found these Crocus just starting up and in the mint bed there were many many tiny green sprouts just barely popping through. all of this made me feel happy, happy and more happy~!!~ i managed to get my knees wet while kneeling down to get the ultra macro shots that i so love and somehow i manage to be happy about even that . . . it really does feel like there is hope for Spring to finally begin coming~!~

i am so glad that i ventured outside despite the uncertain sky.
today, life is good~!~


  1. you are so much more south of me!! today it was lovely, 62, but it was super windy
    i am glad you enjoyed your warm day :o)

  2. well, you know how spring goes . . . this a.m. i woke up to a half inch of snow on the ground and some very cold temps. the sun is shining so maybe we'll be all melted off by mid day. if so i'll venture out to see how all the new tender spring growth has faired . . .


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