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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

string pieced tulip tutorial

my photo daily discipline is yet another selectively colored image. my begonia against that magical little dress that i love~!~ SOOC

i have had a request for more information regarding the construction process of the tulips. first i would like to recommend the book by Gwen Marston called "Liberated String Quilts (20 Foundation-Free Projects)". Gwen has many good books and a great website well worth looking at: http://www.gwenmarston.com/

although i have chosen to use foundations for my string piecing this is where my original pattern came from. Gwen does a great job of explaining the basics of string piecing and there are some wonderful ideas in her book for other string pieced applications.

i have put together a rough step by step of my variations on her process while making these tulips. i hope it is helpful.

for this project i am using a very light weight muslin for the base. i had at one time made curtains out of this particular muslin and when i no longer needed the curtains i cut it up into base shapes for string and crumb piecing projects. the fabric was probably somewhat light damaged but as it is the base piece it doesn't have to be a heavy or quality piece of fabric. in fact, it should be a very light weight fabric.

i have used the standard 1/4" seam allowance

three finished tulips; two with "matching" petal pieces and one with "unmatched".

as you can see, sometimes they turn out more wonky looking than others.


  1. Thanks for making the tutorial. They would make great appliques on a baby quilt. Like a garden of them in a row or around the borders with fun colors in the middle.

  2. Thanks for the instructions! I think I like the "wonky" ones the best!

    Eileen http://ruralwisconsin.blogspot.com/

  3. thank you both for your comments and i'm glad that you found the instructions helpful and/or inspiring.

    i agree Mary, a baby quilt would be a fun application for these . . . love the idea of them all in a row . . . am also considering a funky "tulip" vine . . .

    Eileen, i can't seem to remain consistant as to which ones i like best . . . seems to depend on my mood, which may be why i have quite a mix of them~!!~

    thank you both for visiting~!~


  4. So that's how you achieved the symmetry in certain blooms. I like the idea of using the single foundation. It makes for an organized scrappy result.

  5. thanks Diane. most of the time i use the single foundation but not all of my scraps are big enough, which is okay because it produces a nice variety of tulips that way.



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