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Saturday, March 21, 2009

my daughter is home for the weekend. she came home so that she could make me a birthday dinner of sushi and a fabulous chocolate cake. she's a great cook and we had chocolate cake for lunch and will have sushi for dinner. so for now i only have shots of the cake.

it isn't actually my birthday yet but this is the weekend that she could make it home to celebrate with me. i love it when she's home~!~ and cooking~!!~

string and crumb pieced tulips are being constructed from my overly full scrap basket. i've been setting aside one half of an hour every day for the past few days to work on something i'm calling "stash reduction". i have three on-going projects that i can rotate around continuously and keep working . . .

  • a coin quilt project which will be a series of baby quilts that i will probably have machine quilted and set aside for emergency gift giving and charity quilts

  • string/crumb pieced tulips that have hand dyed centers

  • nine patches for a guild bazaar project that will be needed in November

today i worked on the tulips again as well as playing with the nine patch possibilities. many of my scraps are too small to get even a three and a half inch square out of so i thought i would see about crumb piecing those squares or some of those squares. i think it has possibilities but the ladies in my guild may not be too keen on them . . . i'll have to get some feedback from a few of them. i guess if they are deemed unacceptable i can always use them in some future project of my own.


  1. libbyQ!

    I love, love, love your tulips!

    (I'm just a crazy quilt kind of girl at heart!)

    Eileen http://ruralwisconsin.blogspot.com/

  2. thank you Eileen~!~ i love them too~!~

    Pink Sky, that cake WAS delicious~!!~


  3. Chocolate cake for lunch ~ you are my kind of gal! My sons do the cooking around here. I can't wait for my college son to come for a change in menu!

  4. yes, it's always a treat to have my daughter home as she loves to cook and is very good at it. i myself look forward to the new cullinary surprises that she always is full of~!!~



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