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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Familiar Regions More Familiar

" . . . I went back to making familiar regions more familiar.
I see more in them."
from "The Reader" by Bernhard Schlink

i love macro photogrophy~!!!~ and when i read these lines i was happy to realize that it perfectly describes how i feel when i take macro shots of something that i see every day and suddenly it's fresh and new to me. it's always been part of my personality to need to know/see the details of things but until i started using my camera more and learning about photography, i had no way to explain how i wasn't just being nosey or interrogating or downright strange; it turns out that i was just being me! and i love the details~!~ i love to know and see the tiny but important bits that make up the foundation of things. within photography i find that there is this whole incredible visual world that lies beneath the surface of everything and is just waiting to be discovered and appreciated. i love being in that world~!!~ i love showing others my chosen perspective of that world. and i love knowing that there are even more worlds somewhere within what it is that i have already revealed. worlds that i can choose to explore at some future time. it turns out that God really is in the details . . . and the details of the details . . .

i am at home a lot. i don't normally mind too much but maybe it's because i can take a quick and inexpensive vacation just by taking a macro shot of an ordinary everyday thing. i am grateful for the ability to see the absolute perfection in what could otherwise be taken for granted. i am also grateful for my camera and the newly rediscovered world of photography that amuses and enlightens me every day that i choose to let it.

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