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Friday, March 13, 2009

A Coin Quilt was my main project for the day. i actually started it (as a way to use up some of my scrap fabrics) roughly two and a half weeks ago. i managed to get the strips sewn in good time but then have had other irons in the fire and only today got back to working on it. this little top measures approximately 40" x 50" and will be a good size for use as a baby quilt. i have those center seperating strips as double the width of the coin strips and don't think i've ever made one quite like that before. looking at it now it seems like almost too much space and i did consider doing some appliqued vines in that space along with a flying bird at the top, but then decided that i sort of liked it's sweet simplicity . . . who knows what i'll utimately decide~!~ i think on the next one i will make the seperating strips narrower than the coin strips just to change things up a bit. i have a lot more scraps to use up and this is one of my favorite quilt patterns. i have a plan to make at least three or four tops and have them machine quilted and then just set aside for gift giving or charity giving as the need arises.

Gracie decided to help me by doing a quality control inspection right before i photographed it. i had put it over the back of the dining room chair and gone into the kitchen for a drink and when i went back in with my camera there she was looking quite comfy. at first i was worried that she would run off before i got photos of her tangled up in it but after a lot of shots i realized that i was going to have to physically evict her to be able to get any shots of the top. by this time there were wrinkles in it and i had to re-iron it. i do think it has her seal of approval . . .

i am very tired tonight but happy to have this little top as one of the day's accomplishments.

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