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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

a meadowlark was singing in the top of one of the pine trees while i snapped this quick shot. made my heart happy to hear it~!~


  1. Hi Libby Q
    Have you gone to my blog to accept your award?

  2. is this lovely plant a double-flowered philadelphus?

  3. hi Pom~!~ and thanks for the award. i'm honored that you have included me in this group of wonderful bloggers. i will attempt to meet the requirements of the reward as soon as i can. so far i've managed a couple of quick visits to the other award winners blogs and that has been fun and interesting . . . but there are only so many hours in my day and so much energy in my hours so i may dissapoint you with a slow pace. thank you again for thinking of me and for the award~!!~

    hi and thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, Michela~!~

    hello india~!~ i know this shrub/bush as a mock orange . . . when i googled philadelphus it does appear to be a match. they are a very pretty and fragrant bush that i enjoy having in my yard. unfortunately i still haven't gotten around to the pruning that they need~!~ :0



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