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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the sun shines bright and warm today and the lillies begin to bloom out in the garden.i have spent quite a bit of time over the last couple of days just reading and thinking. i'm seriously considering a poem (accompanied by a photo) a week as my next creative discipline . . . i feel the need to expand my writing/poetry skills and this, although a bit daunting, may be just the push i need.

still haven't decided for sure but this one is a strong possibility . . .


  1. :)

    there was a man from Nantucket . . .

    oh wait~!~ that's been done already~!~ lol

    thanks for your enthusiastic support Pom Pom~!!~


  2. Expanding ones horizons is always good. After all the photo's we have seen from you, I can only imagine what words you'll bring us. I look forward to it.

    This photo by the way, is just so stunning. I can't even come up with words for those colors...wow! Wow.

  3. thank you for your visit and comment Jess. i appreciate your support. i probably will continue with some poetry now and then but i think that i have decided to do a weekly postcard for my next art discipline.



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