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Monday, July 20, 2009

there are a couple of pond lily flowers floating on the pond today. the sun is so high and hot that it was tough to get a good shot but i was able to shadow this flower with my body by leaning waaaay over . . . one of these days, i'm going to end up head first in that pond and my only thought will be "oh no~!!!~my camera~!!"~lol
this is a portion of the base on one of my larger houseplants . . . watching me, watching you.

i decided to make another background piece. once again i have used a watercolor paper for the base. i glued an embossed paper napkin down to it. the napkin appears white in this photo but is actually a light cream color.
a detail of the glued down napkin.

then i got out a small paintbrush and 2 different colors of lumiere paints (a purple and a metallic gold) and just brushed some on in no particular way.

a couple of detail shots of the painted napkin.

that was it for today's collage adventure but i thought it turned out very pretty~!~and will make nice backgrounds for some postcards . . .


  1. Wow this is gorgous , a new technique Im going to have to try out! Thanks for stopping by my blog. In the atcs .It is a corragated type of cardboard but has waves in it, I don't remember where I got it ,too many years ago,sorry this old gals memory isnt that great anymore!

  2. Glad you didn't fall in the pond or we may not have got to see the beautiful collaged background

    Take care!


  3. hi Lynn and Carolyn~!~

    thank you for the info on the corragated cardboard Lynn . . . seems like there are some great creative possibilities within that idea . . . can't wait to see what you do with this technique~!~

    Carolyn, i'm glad i didn't fall into the pond too but mainly because my camera is not waterproof~!~last time i checked i still was though~!~lol


  4. Hi Libby, Wow gorgeous pictures on your blog!In answer to your question yes I just looked at the pic and tried to duplicate it as close as possible.
    Hugs Lynn

  5. hi Lynn, and thank you for the visit and the comment. i'm glad you are enjoying my photos. the wire dragonfly that you made is just amazing~!~



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