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Friday, July 10, 2009

feeling blue and missing my girl. have thought about you, Miss Tiffanny, all day long and then sit down to finally upload a daily photo, when there you are commenting in my blog~!~ what a wonderful surprise and of coarse, now the tears fall . . . seeing your comment on the blog, i suspected that there might be more in my e-mail and indeed there was. each e-mail is like a treasure chest of words from you and i'm so happy you find time to do it fairly frequently. would love to get a phone call from you and in fact, earlier today, was sure that the staticky line i heard after my hello must have been you in a call that somehow didn't get completely connected . . . it would have been about the same time that the e-mail was sent so maybe it was you . . . well child, know that you are loved beyond measure and take very good care of yourself.


  1. Oh, so sweet. So sweet. We mamas need sweet connections with our daughters.

  2. I just don't want to think about my daughter ever flying from this nest. But life will take its' course and she will...and she should. How very bittersweet, my friend. Bitter yet sweet......

  3. hi rhonda~!~

    it's what is supposed to happen if we do our jobs as mothers well, but it is definately bittersweet~!~



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