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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

am working on a paper collaged postcard for my wonderful daughter. she left yesterday and before she had gotten halfway through her flight plan she was contacted and told that her original destination had been (temporarily?) changed due to sudden political unrest in Honduras. i'm sure that you can imagine what that has done to ease her mother's stress (NOT~!!~). however, she seems to be taking it in stride and waiting for further instructions while getting through the orientation rigamarole in Miami.yesterday's a.m. tea bags were seen as potential grist for this mill, and used, as well as a bit of appropriate map and a tiny butterfly to represent the adventurous young woman that she has become. i had pre prepared several watercolor paper postcard forms for collage work. unfortunately i was only able to find one of them . . . and still have no idea where the rest have disapeared to . . . despite a great mucking out of my studio as i attempted to find their "safe" location. in fact, the mucking out was so great that i didn't really get to start on the work of this card until this morning. one thing led to another and before you knew it i was doing what mother's do when all ruffled up about something. i have been cleaning and catching up on neglected household chores . . . why is it that we do that anyway~!?!~i suppose that the constant movement without intense thought must distract us just enough to be able to not sit and cry over something that we have no control over anyway. the house becomes tidier as i wait for further information from my daughter regarding her big adventure.

an antique spoon/strainer that i spotted yesterday and had to snap a shot of. i have no idea why; i just liked the look of it sitting there with the sun coming through the small holes. i think this spoon may have been used in canning many years ago . . .
the nasturtiums are busy doing their thing and i can't even look at them without my spirits being lifted a little. they are such happy little flowers~!!~ and i hope they make you feel the same. tomorrow and the next day i have medical tests being run and my posting will be kept to a minimum as i get through that. hopefully whatever is wrong will be easily corrected and i'll be back to (relatively) full speed very soon.


  1. Stunning Photography! Very creative Views. PomPom was right!

  2. Thought of you Libby - and your daughter - tonight when I heard about the coup in Honduras. Thanks heavens it happened before she got there rather than just after. Hope everything works out.

  3. I hope you are OK. I'm glad that you daughter will be somewhere that is more politically stable. The light through the strainer is very nice. Hope the tests come out positively as well.

  4. I hope all goes well for your daughter, LibbyQ!! Will keep her (and Mom) in my prayers!


  5. Just letting you know you are in my thoughts, both about the medical thing and your daughter's trip. *hug*

  6. i am comforted by all of the thoughts and prayers sent in both my daughter and i's direction~thank you all so very much~!!~

    my hope is to visit each one of you today and see what else is going on in the world~!!~ i bet i find some great distractions on every one of your blogs~!!~



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