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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

day 348 of my daily photo discipline. only seventeen more to go~!~
and then what~!?!~


  1. Hi!
    I love the poetry of your pictures!
    Hope you feel better now :)
    Love , Michela

  2. thank you Michela~!~
    i am working on feeling better . . . still waiting on Dr. consults and test results and all of that blah, blah, blah . . .


  3. Hi LibbyQ,
    That daisy photo is GORGEOUS. I love the tiny blossoms in the background, too. Your photo a day idea is brilliant!

  4. Then what? Your 'See Life' series of course! Only joking, really admire your self-discipline Libby - it's such a pleasure to view these lovely pics. BFN. Lesley

  5. thanks Pom Pom. the photo a day discipline has really made a differenc in how well i understand my camera and i think my photography skills have gained some momentum too . . . have even considered doing another daily photo consecutive to this one but will probably choose some other artistic daily discipline . . .

    yes, Lesley, maybe i should consider the "see life" series as a candidate . . . but will probably keep it to something a bit broader . . . such as a certain technique. some thoughts are: working with my post processing program, paint, stitch, maybe a poem a day . . . just not sure yet but do know that it has been a beneficial practice for me as an artist in general so will try to find something to continue it on with.

    i enjoy the photography so much that i am tempted to keep it in that genre.

    i'm thrilled that others enjoy the product of the practice~!!~

    thank you both for your visit~!~



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