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Thursday, July 9, 2009

the cactus garden is humming with activity and ablaze with color this afternoon~!~
there are two shades of pink and a bright yellow and even peach colored cactus growing here. they are a native to our area and i enjoy their dynamic show of color every year~!~

the bees and other pollinators enjoy them too~!!~

this little guy was about one quarter of an inch long and was perched contentedly on the top of this partially open peach colored blossom just surveying the whole area as if contemplating someday becoming the King.
. . . if the mantids or spiders don't catch him before he grows big enough~!~

in the center of my cactus garden i have a vintage red wheelbarrow planted with "softer" plants. this is a shot i took across the top of the lobelia that grows in there.
i know that it's not a good photo but i just love the colors and light bokeh that i captured and decided to include it anyway.

i enjoyed my short wander through the cactus garden today and am grateful for the beauty that it lends to my life.


  1. Those yellows remind me of lemon pie. The grasshopper is so petite. Beautiful, LibbyQ!

  2. hi Pom Pom~!
    the yellows in the cactus bed are exactly that: lemon pie yellow~!!~
    the grasshopper was tiny but definately looking forward to being a bigger "player" in the garden~!~

    thank you for your comments~!~


  3. LibbyQ...A big Wow came from me when I scrolled through these incredible photos. Everyone a beauty! Thanks for commenting on the violets and sharing your violet story. My Aunt is gone now too, and I hope she knows what a special gift she gave me by sharing her violets.

  4. The colours in your cactus garden are just fantastic, especially the pink and yellow of the top two photos, colours that wouldn't go together as a rule, complement each other in nature! BFN. Lesley

  5. the colors really are fantastic and the garden in general defies the "rules" of color . . . which is a good reason to love being in it~!!~ we are encouraged, while in the garden, to set our rules aside and just absorb the beauty of it.
    thank you both for your visit and comments~!!~



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