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Friday, July 24, 2009

Natural Beauty

in the center of my cactus garden i have an antique wheelbarrow planted with "softer" stuff.
my favorite flower within this planter is the lobelia.
the intensity of that blue reminds me of deep tropical waters~!~
and this morning when i was taking these shots there was a tiny feather discovered in amongst the lobelia flowers. i 'm sure that the wind today has long since blown it away but for a few minutes it was moored softly here within these small bright blue flowers. a boat on a bright blue ocean.this afternoon i went into the back garden and by the pond grows a group of one of my favorite summer flowers; the rudebeckia.
i decided to lay on the ground under them to see what sorts of photos i could get from that angle. i rather liked a couple of them.

in these photos, the rudebeckia gets to play the starring role of "sunshine" in the summer sky.
this is a photo of the alyssum that flowers bright yellow in the early spring and unlike most varieties of allysum, comes back every year all on it's own. by this time of year it is going to seed and the ultra teeeny tiny seed pods are just empty vellum envelopes. they remind me of a much bigger plant that i think is called a money plant but i'm not positive. i don't have any money plants growing in my yard but i adore these miniature look a-likes.

i added some words to the postcard that i've been working on. i found them in an old magazine as part of an ad. for furniture polish. i swiped a bit of gesso over the top to give them some "age".


  1. Lobelia IS gorgeous and soft, like you said. I love the underneath shots.

  2. thank you Pom Pom for your visit and comments. you always make me smile with your positive and encouraging words~!~



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