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Friday, July 17, 2009

i've been invited via a flickr comment to enter this card into a weekly challenge done on


i have no idea just exactly how it works but am intrigued by the idea of a weekly postcard challenge and may have to further investigate . . . after all, i have been looking for a new creative discipline to involve myself with~!~

was out amongst the flowers this a.m.
and found the sweet peas clambering for attention . . .
as well as some of the first hollyhocks.
these are a wonderful shade of bright pink~!~

and some purple clematis flowers.

this is today's collage effort: i cut apart my large watercolor paper based background piece into four postcard sized (4" X 6") pieces.

i also took some time to begin snipping out various things that i may use to create the individual cards. not much accomplished, i know, but still progress forward . . .


  1. Wow this fabric card is incredible.
    Stunning work and design. Love them.

  2. You have some beautiful cottage flowers in your garden, all the ones I love! Good luck with your postcard challenge, I shall follow with interest ...

    Have a lovely weekend
    Best wishes
    Carolyn x

    ps. I'm back blogging again

  3. thank you Sandy~!~so glad that you came by for a visit~!!~

    good to see you back blogging again Carolyn~!~and thank you for your visit and comment.


  4. Lovely postcard.

    Gorgeous flowers. Gotta love this time of year. :-)

  5. thank you Carole~!~i'm really looking forward to playing along with you and everyone else at sunday postcard art~!!~

    glad that you enjoyed the garden too~!!~ and hope you come back for future visits~!!~


  6. I love the clematis!!! You have quite the green thumb. What beautiful flowers. :)

    This postcard art looks like another outlet similar to the fiber art postcards. I think you'll have fun with it. :)

  7. yes Pink Sky, it is very similar and yet has some fun and interesting differences too~!~ i'm already enjoying it quite a bit~!!~
    as for my thumb . . . it really isn't very green . . . the plants that survive and do well are the hardiest plants~everything else just doesn't stand a chance.



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