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Saturday, June 20, 2009

~!!~POST # 100~!!~GIVE-AWAY~!!~

it rained all night long~!!~this is not at all normal for our region but the plants are loving it~!!~my roses are just barely beginning to pop open and this is the very first one. the weather forecast is for rain throughout the day so i wanted to get this post up before something happened to our internet service. around here, it doesn't JUST rain; it thunders and lightenings too~!!~and this often interferes with the internet service.
. . . and today is the BIG #100th POST GIVE-AWAY DAY~!!!~

so, finally, i have posted a shot of both the front and back of the fabric postcard that i made especially for this day. if you are interested in winning this card, read all of the posts with a "give-away" link and follow the instructions. i will be pulling a name randomly from all entered before midnight PST. i will post the winner as soon as i possibly can and announce it on my 101st post.

i wish to extend my thanks to all of my regular readers and viewers because you are one of the elements that keep blogging exciting for me. i wish that i had a card for each and every one of you~!~ i so appreciate all of the feedback and encouragement that i recieve on a daily basis and the interaction that i get with other artists is priceless~!!~!
~!!~THANK YOU~!!~


  1. I am fighting to keep the aphids off our roses at the moment but have had some lovely pale pink one's out for a while. I do love the postcard and I think I have already asked to have my name put in, I think it's exciting tho have 100 posts and I think I may too have a give away when I reach mine!

  2. Hi, just to say I think I entered already, but just to make sure I would love to be included in a chance of wining your gorgeous card

    and also to say your roses look lovely, they do seem to be positively blooming and such lovely colours

    I'm not blogging red at the moment, but I am around so I will keep in touch! Carolyn x

  3. CONGRATULATIONS on your 100th post your hundreth and my first now all I need to do is learn to upload photographs. Your rose photo is beautiful.
    With very best wishes

  4. sorry me again also need to learn how to link to a blog.
    Don't think this has worked

  5. LibbyQ! I think it would be quite easy to mail the pretty postcard to Denver (o;

  6. Yea! Happy 100th, LibbyQ!!! The post card is GORGEOUS!!

    Love the rosebud in the rain - it's joining the others in my screensaver folder!


  7. so happy to have had you all comment on this post and participating in my give-away. i will be doing the drawing later on today and will try to get a post in shortly after to announce the winner.

    Congratulations Carol aka katiecountrymouse on the beginning of your new blog~!!~ i've already paid a visit and enjoyed seeing your garden shots and was just amazed at your beautiful Father's Day tribute/clematis~!!!~


  8. Lovely to see your fabric postcard, what a novel idea, it's so pretty - as are your latest flower pics. BFN.


  9. thank you sea-blue-sky~!~so glad that you are enjoying my blog~!!~



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