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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

fairies' wings . . . i just love this shot~!!~
i think this is the mughos forming some brand new cones. i've never really noticed them quite like this in the past . . . not sure if it's because they haven't ever done it before (which i doubt) or just that i notice so much more since i started with the photograpy and this is especially true when i have the camera in my hand.

the grass that grows near the pond is starting to flower. these are especially difficult to shoot because the actual bloom is not bigger than a strand of hair. if you enlarge this photo, you will see reddish coily parts of the blossom . . . really amazing in macro~!!~

i have two jacobs ladder plants, also growing by the pond, one is white and the other is purple. they are both blooming nicely right now but what i really like about these plants is that their foliage resembles ferns. in our growing climate it can be really really REALLY hard to get ferns to take hold, so i rely on my jacobs ladder to give me fern-like texture around the pond area. i know, that isn't what i shot today, but the flowers have sorta stolen the show~!~

this is just a photogenic weed. again, a very tiny cluster of blossoms . . .
remember back to when i was doing my scrap management project~!?!~ well, i had sewn up a coin quilt top and sent it off to be quilted . . . this is the back of the quilt.

this is a detail of the front.

and this is the little quilt (child size) all finished. i have the binding done and the label sewn on and it will be leaving the house this afternoon on it's way to being donated to a local/community charity/auction/benefit that is being held later on this month. and that is my wonderful daughter holding it for me . . . i would like to post photos of her but to tell the truth, it scares me. maybe one of my readers has advice on that . . .
there are so many horror stories about various and potental mis-use of them . . . am i being paranoid or should i really not be posting photos of my daughter!?! after all, she is an adult now . . .~!!!~
once she goes to Honduras i will be able to get back in the habit of "scrap management" and then, hopefully, will have more of these quilts stacking up for future use as gifts and charity donations. it sure feels good to have this one completed and going out to be useful~!!~
i also have a happy update on the lost and found dog: he was adopted out last friday to a family happy to have him~!!~ i was so glad to hear that he didn't have to spend too very long at the shelter before someone realized that he was a "keeper".


  1. Beautiful flowers and quilt! As for the picture of your daughter, I think you should go with your feelings. I choose not to post pictures of my family because you really don't know who is out there and in a way we are putting much of our lives on the web for other people to piece together ... don't want to frighten you ... but follow your instincts ...

  2. if your daughter is an adult, i think its safe to show her face :o)
    i just dont give my location (city), i say chicagoland. so many wonderful pix. i love your nature shots, and those macros are gorgeous. the quilt is so sweet, and its great you are getting to use up scraps. you are my inspiration!! i have a scrappy project i will be starting as soon as i get my nieces quilt ready for quilting.

  3. thank you both for your visit~!!~ i love advice that is about "trusting your instincts"~!!!~i commonly say this to others but still seem to question my own mercilessly. it is amazing what can be put together about any one of us based on what we put out on the www . . . i try to be vague but have actually had some direct questions asked about locations on some of my photography. i think i'll just "play it safe".

    yea, i inspire somebody~!!~ that's good to hear susan, i can't wait to see what you do with your scraps~!!~


  4. AHH !! The famous coin quilt. I love it!! You already know that these are my favorites. I really like the strip on the back. I wish I could see the quilting closer. Looks like stars and swirlies, but??? Anyway it looks great. Libby, did you say you sent it out to be quilted? You do not quilt it yourself?? Shame shame.... That is my favorite part, when I can be creative and quilt it down. Well hope all is well with you and your daughter; )

  5. hi Mary~!~it's good to see you've been visiting~!~ and thank you for your comment. i felt a little rushed for time when shooting this quilt and really should have taken more and closer detail shots. it was very nicely quilted and yes, stars and swirls in a gold thread. i have a very good friend who does professional long-arm quilting and it felt great to support her (as well as reap the timesaving benefits~!).
    normally i hand quilt which i LOVE to do but it is quite time consuming. so as a compromise, when i decided to create gift/charity quilts from my "scrap management" project i also decided that for the sake of time and for the purpose of (hopefullly)developing a stockpile of gift/charity quilts i would have those "scrap management" quilts machine quilted. sometimes it just feels good to move along a little faster.
    but, as far as the "stockpile" . . . so far, these quilts are leaving the house as fast as i can make them. maybe this winter i'll get ahead a bit . . . maybe . . .



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