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Monday, June 22, 2009

Random Moments From The Garden

columbine enjoying the sun
square crop

an abstract of a vehicle license plate dated 1923~!~

i think these may be called pinks but i'm not sure. if anyone knows feel free to share.

a very tiny flower (probably a weed)
square crop

definately a weed~!!~and wicked looking in macro
found a mushroom this a.m. and can't decide whether i prefer the square crop/composition
or this one with lots of negative space . . .
i have an old cow skull that has accumulated some lichen over the years . . . it made for another interesting abstract as well as a great study in texture. i was also playing around with my dof on this shot.


  1. Yes, they look like pinks (from the carnation family) or possibly sweet williams depending on the centre of the flower, which I can't see

    Have a wonderful day xx

  2. thank you Carolyn for your visit and help with the identification. i have posted additional photos of these flowers to help you out. i think i have heard them called sweet williams also . . . do they go under both names or are these two different flowers?

    thank you Pom Pom for your comments~!~it;s always good to see that you've been here.


  3. Lovely pics - I like the mushroom with the negative space! Best wishes.


  4. thanks for visiting Lesley~!~ and i appreciate the feedback~!!~


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