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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Simplicity of Meditation

"The hush of heaven . . ."
this a.m. i woke up and just needed to spend some reflective time with myself and try to get "things" back in balance . . . after my tea was properly brewed i took it, my camera and a couple of books out into the early morning sun. i snapped a few shots as i briefly wandered the garden. i studied the pond. i sat in my gliding bench. i read. i felt the sun on myself and grew sleepy. i read some more. i sipped at my tea. i pondered what little i had read from an inexpensive book that i picked up a few years ago called "Spiritual Notes to Myself" by Hugh Prather:

. . . "Don't seek to dampen your anxieties by meditating. Don't expect to receive blinding insights. Don't look for miraculous changes. Just sit quietly and listen to the hush of heaven. And as you rise, keep it resounding in your ears." . . .

so, i listened. i heard the trickle of the rock fountain that sits in the pond and the birds noisy chatter as they gathered at the birdfeeder; doves cooing, robins warning the blackbirds, finches singing. i think that i may have even "heard" the sun on my face and the spicy chai tea on my tongue . . . i didn't "try"; i just enjoyed each sensation as i noticed it . . .

i hope my photos bring you "the hush of heaven" that i was able to feel this morning in my garden. and i hope that it "resounds in your ears" as it does in mine . . .
already, the day is clouding up again but i am grateful that i was able to enjoy the brief morning sun and all that came with it.

the postcard giveaway is nearing. i have family coming to visit for a few days this week but i still foresee my 100th post and this giveaway happening before the next weekend is over. so, once again, i tease you with more photos . . .

this card features two faux posts: one on the front with the name of my blog and the event being celebrated and one on the backside which is my standard signature faux poste for all of my cards.
as you can see the poste on the back isn't yet dated as i am waiting to date it with the exact date of my 100th blog post. life is uncertain and i am not positive just which day it will be so i've left it blank until the day of the giveaway. this happens to be the 79th postcard that i've made and that number is incorporated into the (signature) poste.

i have had a number of people tell me that they are unable to leave comments on my blog but have left comments on the flickr posts which have featured the progress of this card/giveaway. i am choosing to include those flickr commenters into my giveaway. i'm not sure why it isn't always possible to leave comments on the blog but i do know that i have run into the problem myself and found it very frustrating. maybe somebody out there understands the dynamics of this and can explain it . . .
anyway, just thought that i should explain myself with just who would be included in the drawing.

i apprecieate every soul out there who finds my blog a legitimate use of their precious time and i also appreciate my flickr contacts that find the time to check out my photostream and leave feedback for me there. i wish that i had a card to give to every single one of you and wish you the best of luck in winning.

and last but not least:

EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKkkkkkkkk~!~ did you know that snails had such evil looking eyes~!???!~ go ahead. click on it to enlarge. if you dare~!~


  1. I wisg I could written all words I want so say, but I cant but I shall try, hope you ynderstand-I was with you in all your picture, and I understand what you wrote in english and I dont translate it so Swedish. And you know it was lovley to follow you. Yore photo is so GREAT and telling. Thanks,so very much I must learn to translate more......but today it was nice to translate in my head!

  2. It's ALL beautiful eye candy! I have put quite a few of your pics into a folder I use for my screensaver.

    You card is going to be quite the maserpiece!


  3. Looks like you'll have to make sure your 100th post is before July! :^)

    I'm still drooling over the look of that lavender. I did some single bullion knots on my current project. I'm going to take some supplies along on my upcoming trip to master this!

  4. Your snail comment really cracked me up! :)

    The postcard looks gorgeous. I am trying really hard not to covet but it's making it difficult ;D I like that we don't know exactly when the giveaway is. It's more of a surprise that way.

  5. It is a pleasure to read what you say on your blogg!

  6. OK seriously, that snail is pure evil!! I never knew that the had glowing eyes. By the way, I enjoy reading your blog and would love to win a card from you ; )

  7. I really like your blog. I was looking at your profile and I noticed you liked the movie JUNO. I did, too. I loved the character. Wasn't it a brilliant film? Also, I have heard of the book Everyday Sacred. I might have to check it out. Loved your morning commentary. I'm going to follow your lovely blog.

  8. Thank you for hush of heaven, beautiful xx

  9. thank you all for leaving such wonderful comments. i appologize for being slow in my own response. i've had a lot going on this week and am just barely keeping up. it is a joy to read all of your kind words and know that you are feeling uplifted by my photography and words.

    i'm thrilled to see you join my followers Pom Pom, and hope i don't dissapoint~!~

    Anonymous; thank you for your visit and your comment . . . so glad that you enjoyed it and i wish that you weren't "anonymous"~!!~ hopefully, i'll be able to track you somehow . . . in case you happen to win the give-away drawing . . .


  10. I have been following you for a little while now. Have truly enjoy your blog. your picturs are just fabulous!!I also can't wait till you hit the 100 post.

  11. thank you lej619 for your interest in my blog. i'm always so happy to hear that it has brightened another person's day~!~ and guess what~!?!~ today is #100~!!~



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