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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

consider yourself invited. tall cool glasses of refreshing beverages have been poured. the day was actually sunny and warm (for the whole (!) day) and i was able to take myself outside into the warm and enjoy~!~
yesterday i received the newest issue of one of my favorite magazines, "Cloth, Paper, Scissors". so i took some time to see what might be interesting to read about and ponder for future art activity. i think the thing that ended up popping out at me the most was a newer feature that they're calling "homework". i ended up thinking about how much i could use the ideas, tips and prompts . . . if i were really smart, i would set up a simple daily art prompt for myself . . . hmmmm . . . is there anyone else who has thought that they might benefit from such a practice? have you tried it? and if so to what level of success? i really need a twenty to thirty minute art activity for daily creative growth. i might not be able to do it every single day but i could certainly attempt to make it a habit. art is a spiritually creative activity. why don't i treat it as if it's important in my life~!!~?~!!~ instead, i allow daily chores and other "stuff" to get in the way of making time to explore creatively and i shouldn't continue to do this. i know better~!~
but then again; i have almost completed a commitment to a 365 daily photo discipline and so i suppose have begun paving the way for continuing an art practice of some sort when i've finished with that goal . . . i guess i'm not a complete failure when it comes to a daily creative practice . . . i really have a lot to think about . . . and would welcome any thoughts on how other creative minds handle this issue within their daily life.
speaking of practicing art; my daughter and i continue to make progress on the Christmas fabric/paper postcards. i don't have any idea why i decided that we needed approximately a half yard piece of this medium. now it seems like it's going to produce more cards than we will probably need . . .
the first cut i made into it was a six inch wide strip. from that i have proceeded to cut four inch slices to produce the necessary six by four inch "base" from which to create the individual cards.
so here are a couple of those base pieces with a machined basting stitch completely around the outside edges.
i am considering various options for adding embellishments, text, etc to each individual card . . . if i'm not careful i will "over consider" and be faced with a creative block . . .
i need to just jump in and try doing some random embroidery stitches on them and see where that takes me . . .
i will attempt to post progress of this Christmas card project as i move along.
since i do have so much of the fabric/paper collage piece, i was even considering trying out an ATC or two . . . we'll see . . . there may be some small bits left over that would work out well for that.

here is another shot of the pinks(?) for Love Stitching Red. they do look like a relative of the carnation family . . . and i really appreciate your help in identifying them~!~


  1. They look like pinks to me think the botanical name is dianthus?
    Christmas cards look great look forward to seeing them progress.

  2. thanks Carol, now that you mention it dianthus sort of rings a bell . . .

    i'm looking forward to those cards making some progress too~!!~


  3. Oh, the Christmas cards are lovely - all glittery and nice!


  4. Hi LibbyQ!
    You should write a book! You could call it Art Devotions.
    One simple creative act per day! I love it!
    Yesterday I framed a drawing and it took only a moment and I felt so happy afterward! I also made a killer taco salad! Again, creative!
    There are so many little things that delight the artsy self! Even hanging a piece of eucalyptus in the shower, on a piece of twine - isn't that art, too? Great thinking, Smarty!

  5. Lesley, thank you for the visit and the comment on the cards . . . i'm hoping that i might get a moment or two during the day today to work on some further embellishments . . .

    Pom Pom, you are so right~!!~ there really are so many little things that can be done on a daily basis to "delight the artsy self"~!~part of my problem is simply that i fail to count the small creative acts in my day as important. and i should~!~we all should~!!~
    as far as writing a book goes, it's probably already been done . . . and i should find myself a copy.
    or . . . just thinking "out loud" here . . .
    maybe i should consider making it a part of my blog . . . call it something like . . . "The Daily Creative Act" . . . maybe link to other blogs that wish to do the same . . . there could be a sort of round robin of creative simplicites that keep all of us artsy folks "perking" along . . .
    what do you think~!?!~


  6. I keep a folder of "inspiration files" with photos of projects that are inspiring or that I want to attempt. I look through it if I have time to work on ideas. Always gets the creative juices going. :)

  7. hi Pink Sky~!!
    that's a great idea for collecing ideas and fueling the inspiration fire~!~



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