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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to all those wonderful dads, grand-dads and other important father figures. the world would be a sad place without your love, hard work and guidance~!~
other highlights of this day include:

my first nasturtium blossom of the summer ~ it's orange~!~what a happy color~!~
the roses continue gearing up their beautiful show of blosssoms,
a batch of baby orb spiders just hatched out in the garden. this is always such an amazing sight to me~!~there are so very many of them and they are so ultra tiny . . .

this batch is a bit later than normal . . . i suppose due to our cooler rainy days . . . i know that these spiders are a harmless and very beneficial part of our garden and am always happy to see them. there will undoubtably be more photos of them over the summer as they grow and spin and do their thing.

and what exactly is Emmitt up to~!?!~he is playing/hiding in some bits of Chirstmas wrapping paper that i've saved for an art project.

my daughter and i are working on making some fiber paper that will then be used for making postcards. she will send these postcards out to her friends and family from Honduras this year at Christmas time. i'm not sure that it's turning out quite the way that i expected but to be fair, it's still in process and this is the first time that i've experimented with this technique. after the fiber paper is dried, it will be cut to the proper postcard sizes and then further embellished. i like the idea of adding some stitching to it and who knows what else will develop . . .

Emmitt is having a very good time while we cut and paste~!~

speaking of postcards~!~ it's time to reveal the give-away winner . . .

i did this the old fashioned way and hand wrote each participant's name on a slip of paper along with the post date that it was collected from and (on some) noted whether it was a flickr comment. as it turned out the winner pulled was from a blog post.

i asked my daughter to pull one of the slips of paper out . . .

and the winner is . . .

Pink Sky Studios~!!~ i am so excited for her and at the same time so sorry that i couldn't make everyone a winner . . . i will definately do this again~!!~ thank you all for participating and for making my blog a happy and creative place for me to come to every day~!!~

Congratulations Pink Sky~!~ please e-mail me with your address information. i will be getting the package ready to send during the upcoming week.
if by some chance, i don't hear from my lucky winner within a week or she changes her mind about wanting the card, i will redraw a new name from the basket.


  1. Emmitt is SO cute! Gorgeous photos today!

  2. Congratulations to PINK SKY - lucky lucky lady!

    That dragonfly at the top is the most amazing capture - so much detail!

    Hope your Sunday was a good one!


  3. Congrats, Pinky, you lucky ducky!

    LibbyQ - LOVE your dragonfly capture!!!


  4. thank you all for your visit~!~
    the dragonfly just happened to be a lucky find and it wasn't in the mood to fly around so i was able to get quite a few shots. i think it may have been feeling a bit cold as we are once again cloudy, cool and rainy today.


  5. Wow!!!!!!!!!!

    I just dropped in for a quick visit and wow!!! Gosh, thank you so much! (And thanks to your lovely daughter for picking my post!)

  6. good morning Pink Sky~!!~ and congrats on the win~!!~ i am so pleased that my work is going to an appreciative reader of my blog. i wll relay the thank you to Miss Tiffanny.


  7. That is a LOT of baby spiders! We found a 'nest' of daddy long-legs while on vacation last week, but it had nothing to your orb weaver babies when it comes to abundance!

  8. hi Tricia and thank you for your visit~!~ things around here have been a bit nuts so am way behind but, trust me, i'm paddling as fast as i can to catch back up~!!~
    i've never seen a "nest" of daddy long-legs before . . . they must be uber tiny~!!~



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