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Monday, May 11, 2009

scrap management progress from last week. i didn't get nearly as much done as i would have liked due to feeling a little low in energy and needing to put what energy that i do have towards different priorities. during the next couple of weeks i may be posting sporadically as we will be moving Tiffanny (daughter) from university (she graduates~!!~) back to home. she'll be with us for approximately six weeks and then she will be going to Honduras with the Peace Corps. lots of mixed feelings about all of this . . . so, i've dubbed the little nine-patch/snowball blocks my "comfort" quilting and am hand sewing myself a little doll quilt. it's a portable project and soothing to work on so it will be my primary project for the next little while.
i have also decided to do a small series of studies in texture for my daily photo discipline over this very busy time. it will probably be boring as hell for any readers that i have but will fulfill my daily photo discipline with simple shots. i have been wanting to start a small textures file and this seems like just the right time to do it.
if i seem sporadic or unresponsive it is simply that i'm very busy and trying to maintain my health during this busy and stressful time by doing only the barest necessities that need doing . . . bare with me and i'll hopefully be back on pace very soon.


  1. That is a tough one on the Honduras trip. On one hand, as a mom, you probably worry about her being so far away, on the other hand you're probably so proud of her for being so caring and giving.

    Well, I do hope you take good care of yourself and don't sweat the excitement levels, the point is to have fun with this blogging thing. :)

  2. Children have so many opportunities these days, I am sure you are very proud of her.

  3. thank you Pink Sky and Lyn.

    i am very proud of her~!~ she is as perfect as they come and has already managed to learn how to balance her life (with all the right stuff) brilliantly~!!~

    she will be far from home but experiencing some amazing things i'm sure~!~


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  5. Hi Libby
    Be kind to yourself don't worry about the blog and enjoy your time with your daughter she sounds an amazing girl, good for her to do something so worthwhile.


  6. thank you Fishful Thinking and Carol for your visits and support. it's very appreciated.



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