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Saturday, May 23, 2009

the bumblebees seem to be slowing down some on the fruit trees. i think it might be because we've been getting afternoon thunderstorms and micro burst winds. but i did manage to shoot this monster before he flew off.
this is the smallest fruit tree in the yard . . . some kind of dwarf apple, i think. the buds are just beginning to open so it's a bit behind all of the others. i thought this was a beautiful shade of pink~!~

found some toadstools in the grass and decided they were good for the textures file. this one looks a bit illuminated . . . helloooooo, is anybody in there?

the inside of one of the toadstools . . .

this shot was taken from the outside of one of my windows. you can see the curtains on the other side of the glass and some reflections from the yard . . . i love the way this looks~!!~another great texture~!~

this is a macro of one of the seed pods left from last year's cactus blooms. if you look really close you can see the top is a bit open on the left hand side of the shot and there are some seeds in there.

more cactus seed pod . . . these puppies are wicked~!!~

one of the fruit trees in the back. this one is extremely fragrant. we have two of these trees and you can smell them from just about anywhere in the yard~!~it's interesting though that they only seem to attract the smaller pollinators . . .


  1. Fantastic texture photos. I especially like the toadstool and the buds of the dwarf apple tree. Amazing! Have a happy sunday!

  2. thank you Carolyn~!~ it's always good to see that you have visited and enjoyed yourself~!~


  3. those toadstool shots and the window one are gorgeous! i never would have guessed they were mushrooms, especially the shot of the gills. too cool! i like that you can see the texture of the curtains too
    that pink is fabulous!!!

  4. thanks susan~!~it's good to have you visiting and i'm glad that you are enjoying the photography~!!~

    the curtains are a very loosely woven texture so as to allow the light into the house but still maintain some privacy. they are photogenic, aren't they~!?!~

    and the toadstool shots were my husbands find originally. i'm taking it as a good sign that he now sees things of interest and thinks to bring them to my attention for photographing . . .



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