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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Drifted Petals

it's raining petals . . . as all but one of the fruit trees finishes up their blossom cycle.

a caterpillar in the lilac bush at the end of the day.

early this morning, while getting the dog out for a short walk, i stopped and shot some of the flax (that were just starting to open up) growing on the edge of the property . . . i love this color blue~!~ these flowers open early and are closed again by mid-day. they grow on long grassy stems forming clumps at the ground.


  1. Your photos are so awesome LibbyQ!!


  2. Lovely - your photos always cheer me!

  3. Beautiful photos. Lovely, lovely.

    Goodness, I hope you find the owner soon. Looks like a lovely dog but you would really want to choose whether you keep a dog or not.....not the dog choosing you

  4. thank you all for your comments and i'm so glad to hear that my photos are a bright spot in your days~!~

    Hens Teeth: your probably right, however i find myself wondering (if his family doesn't show up)has he been "dropped" into my life for a reason~!?!~ and if so, i'll need some infusions of energy to go along with him . . .


  5. Hope you have found the owner for the dog. I inherited a small Jack Russell from my late husband (she's never really liked me)" but she does give me a reason for going out on the "grey days" and makes me find the energy from somewhere.
    Lovely photos as always
    Best wishes

  6. thank you Carol~!~we have placed the dog in a shelter that has promised not to put him down. i will be calling later this morning to see how his weekend went. i would have liked to have kept him but simply don't have the energy to take proper care of him and my DH has rheumatoid arthritis and although he still works full time and his disease is currently fairly well managed, i didn't think it fair to heap more responsibilities onto his "plate". so, sadly, the dog had to leave us. the good news is that both the shelter and i feel that he will be easily placed as he is clearly a VERY good dog . . .



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