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Sunday, May 3, 2009

a rainy day today which produces the most beautiful light for photography~!~ so, i couldn't resist snapping and sharing another photo of the grape hyacinths/muscari.
there was also some sort of upset with our internet connection and so i didn't have any way to post until about 8 p.m. when it was suddenly and miraculously back up and running. so was a bit bored and stuck inside of the house for most of the day . . . which resulted in this shot of a sticker that i picked out of Gracies tummy hairs and then practiced my dof on . . .

Gracie should really look a lot more grateful than she does in this photo~!~that's a cat for you.

this weeks scrap management is actually captured in a few shots instead of the usual one.

this week i started to sew together the "crumb cakes" into bigger units. i have no idea where i am going with this . . .
here is a shot of all of the bigger units that i managed to piece layed out together . . .
and, as a final shot i will show you that i am truly nuts~!!~ i have now begun to cut one and a half inch squares from the smallest of my print scraps and the leftover bits of muslin and then sew them into nine patches. they are cut out very accurately but i've pieced them by hand and by eye so they are gaining just a bit of "wonk" . . . there is something about doing this hand work that makes me feel like a child sewing her first dolly quilt . . .my adult hands handle the small pieces somewhat clumsily and the process is slow enough that my mind meanders about . . . i actually managed to get a couple of more blocks sewn after this shot was taken and this project is taking on a life of it's own . . . i'll show more of this in tomorrows post.
but for now, it's time to start tucking in for the day.
i am grateful that the internet perked back up just in time for me to get this posted.


  1. wow those are unbelievably small. so perfect looking too. i love your shot of all the blocks. your tulips are so pretty!!!

  2. Your quilting is Amazing!!
    and Gracie (with the lovely name) is Majestic and Beautiful =^.^=

  3. thank you Sumea~!~your comments are very kind and i'll pass along the compliments to Gracie.


  4. Wow! I thought I had you in my Google Reader already but you're not there and I missed some really spectacular photos! I've remedied the situation and now have you added for sure!

    I really LOVE your little bitsy quilts! If you ever want to consign some of these bitsies let me know!


  5. thank you Eileen~!!~ for both the kind comments and for the offer of consignment. if i ever get that far ahead of myself, i'll let you know~!~



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