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Saturday, May 9, 2009

my weekend has become very busy with gardening activities which is both good and bad. good because i love to be in the sunshine and the garden; bad because i'm getting behind on flickr and my blog is mostly just photos . . . with no response yet to any of my wonderful comments . . . no worries though, i'll catch back up with you all eventually . . .
i am so happy to have finally arrived at the spring season that i can't even be upset about all of the dandelions that are in and around the yard/garden. in fact, today, i'm quite sure that dandelions do not deserve the bad reputation that they have acquired . . . they are such bright spots of "sunshine" in our gradually greening world that i can't help but be totally charmed by them~!!~

i discovered a visitor in the grass. i've no idea just what this caterpillar will someday be like but for now it is quite busy finding enough to munch on . . .
these daffodils are so very pretty~!~ they must be some sort of double. they have a very frilly apricot center with less frilly outer petals that are light yellow to white. i'm not entirely happy with the photos that i got . . . the light is still a little harsh out. so this evening i will go out again and revisit them in the hopes of capturing their incredible beauty in a much more artistic fashion!


  1. I love the bottom photo of the daffodil-beautiful!

  2. thank you Lyn. these are just the prettiest daffodils~!~i'm so pleased to have them growing in my yard~!!~



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