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Sunday, May 24, 2009

in my dining room i have two ceramic pieces that i really love. and wouldn't you know it~!~they are just full of textural details~!~ the one is a small plate by an unknown artist and the other is a pot by a local artist. both are done in a similar technique using the firing process as a way to crackle the pieces. the maker of the pot explained this process to me but i can't remember now what he called it . . . hhhmmmmmmm. i have also placed a small found wasps nest by the two as an added interesting detail. i am realizing that i've always enjoyed textures at a deeper level than i realized . . . for instance, these pieces rest on an old antique dresser that was painted blue and white and the paint has naturally peeled off of most of it over time. now this piece is oak and i know that if i were to strip and re-finish it the results would be beautiful, but i so love the look of the peeling paint that i have yet to do it~!~ many of the items resting on the dresser are rich in various textures as well; a very large roughly woven willow basket, a red and cream piece of homespun cloth with frayed edges, candles, and other little lovelies . . . my~!!!~i really am (and probably always have been) texturally addicted~!!~

a textural macro shot of the ceramic pot.

these are two quick shots of the window screening with the thundercloudy sky in the background. i simply angled the camera for the variations.

this is the inside of a large cone of garden twine.
and . . .
another macro shot; this time of the plate.


  1. It was very nice. And so soft in a way!

  2. thank you ewa-christine~!~so good to see you visited.


  3. You photograph texture beautifully! Those are indeed very lovely pieces.

  4. A very nice study in texture, LibbyQ! I especially like the crackle glaze on the pot. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving (as always!) such a nice comment!


  5. you know, i think the twine is my favorite, such nice textural quality...and it really makes me want to reach out and touch it
    keep clicking!
    i too not realizing it am attracted to textures. loving the crackle surface on the pot

  6. thank you rhonda, Eileen and susan for stopping by and commenting~!~

    i so enjoy visiting your blogs and am just happy that you like my little creative "space" as well~!!~



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