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Friday, May 8, 2009

"It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood"

not much time today as i'm going out of town so i'll just share some more photos of my springtime world.
i think that this is an ornamental cherry tree but if there is a viewer out there who can confirm or correct my info please feel free to do so.

i have a few parrot tulips that are getting close . . . see that tiny tinge of pink on top~!?!~ these flowers are stunning when they are in bloom~!!~

this is one of the fruit trees that i have in the yard. once again i'm not positive what it is so if you know, feel free to share. i'm very happy to see that so far (fingers crossed) our light frosts have not destroyed the flower buds. as you can see, they are getting close to popping . . .

this is yet another fruit tree in the yard and last year there were a few (immature) fruits on the ground in the fall that looked like apples to me . . .


  1. Lots of pictures with my shade of RED that I love!

  2. I love your photography! When you post your pics, what size do you use? I have trouble sometimes controling placement of pics and dialog...could you tell me how you do yours?

  3. hello LSR and Jay.

    so glad that you are enjoying the photos as i have been so busy with life just lately that i can't seem to post much verbage with them~!~

    Jay, i frequently have quite a fight with blogger when i go to post and often am frustrated when finished as it's not just what i was hoping for . . . i am glad to hear that it's still turning out pleasing but don't know if i'm the best person to ask for advice . . . i do find that if i post in the large size and in the center position i seem to swear a lot less . . . but this isn't always just how i want it to look, i'm just getting tired of fighting with the layout . . . so sorry that i can't be of more help. if you happen to find helpful answers to your answers, please pass the info along to me.


  4. oops, i meant more helpful answers to your questions . . .


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