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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wooden Spoon and a Crab Knuckle~!!~!

i decided that others may be getting tired of all of the floral shots so challenged myself to put together a still life from three random objects that i had around the house: a large shell (background), a small carved wooden spoon and a crab knuckle that i found while wandering on the beach a few years ago. i really like the light, textures and colors captured in this odd still life . . .
and here i have the newest progress on the small hand pieced blocks . . . they continue to be just slightly wonky. i've photographed them resting on a small antique and primitive garden bench. i actually keep this bench in the house and use it as furniture because i love it's worn appearance and i never worry about having to use a coaster with this piece~!~


  1. Fabulous looking squares Libby :o)x

  2. thank you Sumea. i've been so content to pick up this project and work on it at the odd spare moment . . . i know that there is a much faster way but this has just been strangely satisfying to hand piece together . . .



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