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i am a creative person. mother to a daughter who is an active young woman and a constant blessing in my life. i hope that you enjoy your visit here and that you will return often.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just Flowers


  1. Wonderful photography!! You should publish a book! How's the dog? any takers yet? I know what you mean about the care...I love dogs too, but it is nice to be able to come and go as you wish!

  2. thank you both for your visit and sweet comments~!~

    the dog has been placed in a shelter that has promised not to put him down. they actually agree with me in that he will be very easily placed in a good home and that it probably won't take long . . . i will call them this a.m. as soon as they are open to see how his weekend went.


  3. That last pink one is my favorite. Not just because it's pink. But they are all gorgeous. :)


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